“A man is not armed because he has custody of a weapon. He is armed only if he has the skill to use it well.”
– Jeff Cooper

Meet The Instructor, Jerry Raburn

I grew up on a farm/ranch in Oklahoma, came to Lewisville in 1966 as a State Trooper, and have remained here. I later retired and became a reserve officer for Highland Village and the County while running a couple of businesses, and then went full-time as Deputy Constable in 1987. In 1992, I was elected Constable and am currently serving in this position. I have 30 years of firearms and police instructor experience, and I’m NRA certified as a Tactical Shooting Instructor. As I see it, if you’re going to own a gun as a Police Officer or civilian, it’s the most important piece of equipment you have and you must be proficient with it or you are an asset to no one. It’s the only thing you can carry that can save your life or someone else’s life.

Retired Texas State Trooper
Currently Denton County Constable, Pct.3
Certified by Commission on Law Enforcement as:
Master Peace Officer
Police Instructor
Police Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor
Handgun Instructor to Lewisville Police Department Swat Team
DPS Certified Handgun License Instructor
Member of Texas Tactical Police Officers Association
Member of American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

Member of DPS Trap and Skeet Team
Gold Medalist in Police Olympics 1996-2003
Silver Medalist in Police Olympics 2004-2005
Winner of US Marshal Service “Top Gun” Award 1994
Factory Trained Armorer for Glock handguns

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